Saturday, May 19, 2012

miss A’s Suzy and Her Handsome Father

Girl group miss A's Suzy is gaining much attention for her handsome father, who was recently revealed on TV. On May 19, the G6 members (Sunny, Hyoyeon, Suzy, Kang Ji Young, Bora, Yewon) on KBS "Invincible Youth 2" had a party and invited their friends and family. The party was to celebrate their first harvest of lettuce they personally grew.

On this day's broadcast, Suzy's guest was her father, who visited her by traveling from Gwangju all the way to Daebu Island. After seeing her father, she couldn't hide her happiness to see him and kept smiling throughout the show.

Netizens who saw Suzy's handsome father commented, "They totally look alike," and "Daughter is a beauty, father is a good-looking man."
 On May 18th, KBS ‘Invincible Youth 2‘ revealed a picture of miss A‘s Suzy and her dad filming for the show.
Suzy and the rest of the G6 members had their first harvest of the lettuce that they grew themselves and to celebrate, the members invited their families and close friends for a samgyupsal party.
Suzy’s guest was her dad, who traveled all the way from Gwangju in the early morning to Daebu Island to see his daughter. She ran to her father and embraced him right as he came out and could not hide her joy at seeing him.
The two showed a lovable father-daughter relationship throughout the filming. She linked arms with her dad and gave him a tour of the whole set and her dad could not help but smile as he looked at his daughter.
Even when they were off the camera, the two continued to hold hands and shared an enjoyable time bonding. A staff member commented on the two’s relationship saying, “Suzy becomes a baby when she’s with her dad. Even I started to feel good after seeing Suzy being so happy while spending time with him.
Catch daddy’s girl Suzy and her handsome father on the upcoming May 19th’s episode of ‘Invincible Youth 2′!

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