Sunday, August 26, 2012

2PM’s Nichkhun might be summoned for further questioning

On August 26th, the Seoul Central District Court announced that they are considering summoning 2PM‘s Nichkhun for further questioning on his recent DUI accident.

Police, public officials, "and more investigation is needed, the damage and the exact circumstances of the victim's wounds, after investigation, we have sufficient information is not decided before we Nichkhun recalled for further investigation to determine whether it is necessary to first again, and will tell the victim. "

As previously reported, on July 24, again driving under the influence, while Nichkhun was involved in a car accident. Victims, motorcycle, on his shoulders, back injuries were reported. Temporary stop on his driver's license was based on a blood alcohol concentration of 0.056% attendance Nichkhun.

SHINee reveals Jonghyun’s teaser photo for “Dazzling Girl”

Korean group SHINee has revealed Jonghyun’s teaser photo for their upcoming Japanese single, “Dazzling Girl“!
"Gorgeous girl" and a stylish bit cool melody and is described as the number of the Electric Pop Indicates that the radiant and the start of a romance and love to feel the emotional intensity.

Are produced by Jeff Miyahara, one was mixed by Walker miles. Tom Coyne (Sterling Sound) joined together with one master.

Vietnam syndrome and jacket cover of hair, makeup, clothes, Keita Maruyama, Noboru Tomizawa, and performed by Watanabe, Yuki while dancing, S ** t kingz choreography.

SHINee released teaser photos of each member sequentially. "Gorgeous woman" is scheduled to be released on October 10,.

After School’s UEE reveals she has recently received a confession from a male celebrity

After School‘s UEE revealed that she has recently received a confession from a male celebrity.
"When was the most recent time you confess?" UEE, and requested her program MBC's 'quiz' change the world for a special broadcast on August 25, emerged as the MC

She then surprised everyone by releasing a set of him, "I'm shooting the drama 'Ojakgyo Brothers'." 'Ojakgyo Brothers' noju won and she and "No answer was if it was not for her co-star, she with me shooting the drama actor was asked, it was not me that he would like to appear on the show because he confessed to me, "I think he said.

Also appeared in this episode to change the world, and other celebrities 'quizzes' Lee Seol CheGal W Shin, Byun gigs deputy, Lee for the award, and radish was.

It may be, who do you think?

miss A’s Suzy seduces fans with a sexy selca

Share photos with resin smile fanboys Suzy Miss A

Resin August 26, tweeted, "U Zhou optical Are you ready? Own, along with the photo above, we ready" :) is.

Of the United States 'First Love' is a seductive expression while wearing a leather dress with her provocative sexy side.

Netizen reactions, "said Susie, as well as cute can be sexy," "without her bangs! Too beautiful" and "I'm a woman, but her I seduced you want to go."

KBS 'Gag Concert' resin this week related news was a surprise appearance. You can go here to see who the lucky person to share a kiss with resin!

INFINITE’s Sungjong leaves a birthday message for Sungyeol

INFINITE‘s Sungyeol is celebrating his 22nd birthday (Korean age)!
Maknae Sungjong now to commemorate our powerful Sungyeol's new in "reading, leave a message filled with aegyo member first Sungyeol want a happy birthday via Twitter was the perfect birthday celebration!>
Fans and netizens, such as "Happy Birthday Sungyeol!", "Happy Birthday Sungyeol for a birthday party tweets twitter time line flooded! Your true inspiration is", "I", "you a lot of delicious food for a great birthday eat! "
Happy birthday, Sungyeol!

Before and after makeup pictures of girl group members draw attention

Surface without makeup and with the collection of photos of the girl group members, attracting the attention of fans and netizens.

School Nana and Reggie T-ARA's Jiyeon, the amount of the minimum and Narsha from Brown Eyed Girls' its way around the GA after the online portal features photo collections.

Eye makeup that can make the difference of the image, give a fresh and innocent charm than members surprised a lot of people are not familiar with the photo show from the stage they are usually rather than the sexy image pictures before.

Netizens makeup people alone so differently can create, and the importance of "makeup" response "before and after pictures is astonishing."

T-ara’s Eunjung and Lee Jang Woo shed tears saying their goodbyes on ‘We Got Married’

Dating actor Lee Wu, and T-ARA's Eunjung MBC's 'We have three married' in the August 25 broadcast of his final goodbye to the first place I went to.

"On the screen of your marriage will be shut down for a week, read Chapter Woo Lee was given a letter ready to say good-bye to that secret from Eunjung, please" He's taken aback employees to bits "I think we all seems to be sad too, if you know that we have to say goodbye. due to the need to hold back my tears even can not see clearly Eunjung. seemed I we [her] we said our goodbyes will be involuntarily want to have a happy time together. "

Granted the request to keep the actor's situation at the end, Eunjung, he was driving to the place of their first date.

Eunjung standing in front of Lee Ui people in tears trying to swallow it back to the chapter "Today we have 500 anniversary, and our last day is," said He then referred to as the spirit seemed to sing a special song for his on-screen wife, she "No wonder we can do more? Today a strange thing occurred."

Li Wu - Eunjung couple first met in April 2011, one year after our marriage with a few months time to quit.

New photos of T-ara’s Hyomin on set of ‘The Thousandth Man’ revealed

Captured on the set of her new drama-thousandth of MBC's 'Men' T-ARA's Hyomin.

About Hyomin's new drama 'to shoot', titled on an online community bulletin board recently two new photos of the singer-actress uploaded.

New shared endless fashion "clothes, tied her hair in the first picture in the second photo shows a red top and skinny jeans Hyomin

Gumiho's Hyomin thousandth of a man to be a true human should eat 1000 human liver 'role.