Sunday, August 26, 2012

SHINee reveals Jonghyun’s teaser photo for “Dazzling Girl”

Korean group SHINee has revealed Jonghyun’s teaser photo for their upcoming Japanese single, “Dazzling Girl“!
"Gorgeous girl" and a stylish bit cool melody and is described as the number of the Electric Pop Indicates that the radiant and the start of a romance and love to feel the emotional intensity.

Are produced by Jeff Miyahara, one was mixed by Walker miles. Tom Coyne (Sterling Sound) joined together with one master.

Vietnam syndrome and jacket cover of hair, makeup, clothes, Keita Maruyama, Noboru Tomizawa, and performed by Watanabe, Yuki while dancing, S ** t kingz choreography.

SHINee released teaser photos of each member sequentially. "Gorgeous woman" is scheduled to be released on October 10,.

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