Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yesung To Anan Magazine Interview

Yesung a rather deep voice hoarse captivate everyone. Her voice is very appropriate given the name "The Art of Voice"
Yesung: I and other friends to make a Hip-Hop group, then look at the school. I just dreamed of becoming a singer at the time ... but it's still just a dream. However, when I was grade 2 in high school, my mother insisted that "my son can sing much better than the original singer, 'and he alone who decided to sign me up to audition for SME, he better think of me more than I thought for myself, not you ? But therefore, I can sing a song in front of you now. So, I so appreciate how much he cares about me.
Q: When you feel good about being SUPER JUNIOR!
Yesung: When people call me "Yesung" although I have a real name, I can be a singer when people call me Yesung. I could be a singer for me to be part of Super Junior. So, SJ is a place where I can make my dream come true, I want to be part of Super Junior forever, then keep doing concerts and flying all over the world to meet the fans.
Q: Yesung is known as a ballad singer, but also good when you sing the rap? According to Eunhyuk how?
Yesung: Yes, I can do it pretty well, though I'm not supposed to do. But it is kind of unique. If I were born in another generation, I would be a rapper singing, dancing as well ... I'm known as a good dancer. Menariku hidden skills just as other member skills better.
Q: Then, you do not care about do not have a "relationship Romance"?
Yesung: Yes, on my mobile phone numbers only a few female friends. So always be other members who worry about that, but I really do not know how to make friends with a woman, to be honest. No one taught me about it.
Q: So, if you are a woman, with whom are you going?
Yesung: Um ... I already know the character of other members too deep. I prefer to be single forever, if I have to relate to members of Super Junior ...
Q: Please tell me the secret of the other members?
Yesung: Leeteuk's most childish. He let the plaster still stuck on his finger was hurt during the first week. He likes to be spoiled.
Q: What is your position on the SJ member?
Yesung: I'm an adviser to the film. Other members asked what type of DVD to be watched when they are in good mood good or bad, because I always watch the DVD every time I have free time. My favorite movie is 'Last Holiday' lately.
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